Antelope Sprinkler Repair

Antelope Sprinkler Repair

Affordable and High quality Sprinkler Service

Our sprinkler repair service area includes area's around, or beyond Antelope,CA. If you reside in one of these communities by Antelope, call us for all your irrigation needs. If you do live outside the Antelope don't be concerned because we do service & repair in most cities. We have about 30 years experience and do new lawn Installation, irregation sprinkler system installations & sprinkler system repair. Please call us at (916) 218-4193 .


Antelope CA Sprinkler Repair - Weathermatic

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Experts in Irrigation and Landscaping Systems

Installing Irrigation SystemIs your home yard in need of assistance? Are you trying to sell your home? If you answered yes to these questions you may consider having a lawn, or sprinkler system installed.  A sprinkler system, or lawn is a great investment. Looks are everything when it comes to selling a home at market value, a beautiful green landscape with colorful flowers and green plants will only increase any homes value. There is also the convenience of having your landscape automatically watered. You can quit dragging a hose across your lawn. A sprinkler system will also conserve water and save you money, because it delivers the precise amount of water your grass, trees, plants and gardens need for healthy growth. With the help of our Antelope Landscape and Sprinkler Repair Company you should be able to keep water costs to a minimum securing one of the best landscape companies for your residential or commercial property. (916) 218-4193  

There are more than a few types of sprinklers: Fixed Sprinklers - used on small areas gardens landscaping. Impact Sprinklers - are used on large areas front lawns backyards. In-Ground Sprinklers - are used on front, or backyards and side yards of home landscaping. and gardens. Oscillating Sprinklers - used on medium- and large-sized areas front and backyards with newly seeded areas. Rotating Sprinklers - are used on medium-sized yards, gardens, front yard - back yards, and sides of house. Sprinkler Hoses - are used on long strips of lawn gardens landscaping. Traveling Sprinklers - are used on oddly shaped yards front, back and sides of house or hilly, uneven areas. While having the right sprinkler will certainly make watering your lawn much easier, there are other steps you'll need to take to ensure maximum effectiveness. Sprinkler heads used have different designs. One type of sprinkler pops up when it's in use and retracts back into the ground when the system is shut off. Another type the drip sprinkler is used frequently in greenhouses and small areas such as a flower beds. This sprinkler drips water on the appropriate areas as needed. It is very economical and environmentally friendly for those of you who believe in going green. Rotating sprinklers shoot out a large stream of water and is used to water larger areas. Its head moves around in a full circle.  

The best Architecture in LandscapingGet a free quote from Natural Tech Landscapes for Antelope Sprinkler Repair we can help you decide which type of system will be most beneficial for you.. Natural Tech Landscapes professionals will design and install the most cost-effective and efficient irrigation system possible to fit your landscapes needs. We use the best equipment around and pay a lot of attention to all sprinkler needs including back flow. We will take a complete assessment of your soil conditions, and which part of your lawn gets the most shade and sun. After careful installation of your system our irrigation experts will program your controller and explain how the system works. If you need to change the controller, or timer programmed watering cycle schedule, we can show you how to make these adjustments for your own needs.

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Antelope Sprinkler Repair
Antelope Sprinkler Repair